-75% WOW 2.0版(牌背版本装置) Wow 2.0 (Face Down Version) by Masuda


WOW 2.0(牌背版本装置)

WOW 2.0,看起来就像真正的特技镜头。这是在以往任何Ambitious Card(有雄心的扑克)中最强劲,最富有视觉效果,和最有实用性的魔术!

想象一下,在你最喜欢Ambitious Card流程表演结束后,,你只用一副牌,在魔术师不直接参与的情况下,去创造一种不可能。把一块半透明的塑料片放在普通的面朝下的扑克牌上面,隔开这些纸牌,以防魔术师做手脚。需要多名观众在挑选出来的纸牌上面签名,以防有串通之嫌。带有签名的纸牌面朝上放在面朝下那副牌的中间。用橡皮筋绑起来,让魔术师没法耍任何花招。最后,这副牌被放到一个观众的手掌上。接下来发生的简直是一个奇迹...

观众会看到那些面朝上,带有签名的纸牌慢慢地,清楚地从那些面朝下的牌里面升起来。它缓缓地,明显地出现在了面朝下纸牌的上面。不用任何带诡计和戏法的牌,而且做起来很简单 -就像你所能看到的真正的魔术一样 。观众会惊讶地尖叫。许多顶尖的魔术师像大卫布莱恩等,保罗哈里斯,Dean Dill,大卫佩恩,等等都为之倾倒。你一定会喜欢WoW 2.0,您也将会使用哇2.0。


WOW2.0将是你玩过的最惊人的魔术之一。简单,直观,给力 - 只为自娱自乐儿玩,并惊叹于它的效果。

全套包括牌背版本的WOW 2.0 的秘密装置。




Wow 2.0 (Face Down Version) by Masuda


Wow 2.0 truly looks like trick photography. This is THE strongest, most visible, and most practical ending to ANY Ambitious Card routine ever!

Imagine at the end of your favorite Ambitious Card Routine, you offer to "magician-proof" the deck to create an impossible condition. A translucent piece of plastic is placed on top of the ordinary face-down deck to isolate the cards and preclude the magician from any "tricky business." The selected card is signed by multiple spectators to avoid the thought of a confederate. The signed card is placed FACE UP into the center of the face-down deck. This is all rubber banded together so the magician cannot do any sleight of hand. Finally, the deck is placed onto a SPECTATOR'S palm-up hand. What happens next is nothing short of a miracle...

The audience SEES the FACE-UP, signed card SLOWLY and VISIBLY rise through the face-down deck. It slowly and visibly appears on top of the face-down deck. There are no trick decks, no trick cards, no difficult handling - as close to real magic as you can get. The spectators will scream in amazement. Many top magicians such as David Blaine, Paul Harris, Dean Dill, David Penn, and others have raved about this trick. You will LOVE Wow 2.0 and you will USE Wow 2.0.

As a bonus, you will learn the most visible color-changing deck ever!

Wow 2.0 is one of the most astonishing pieces of magic you will ever do. Easy, visual, and stunning -- you will do it just to amuse yourself and marvel at its effect.

Includes Face Down Wow 2.0 gimmick. 


WOW 2.0版(牌背版本装置) Wow 2.0 (Face Down Version) by Masuda

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